About ECC Technologies

Since 1990 ECC Technologies (ECC Tek) has licensed error correction (ECC) designs for data communications and storage. We supply our customers with solutions not only to conventional error correction needs, but also to the challenging needs of high-speed, wide-bandwidth, fault-tolerant systems. These solutions can be in the form of hardware or software designs, all customizable to fit customer's applications. Other services we provide are assistance with error correction need analysis, assistance with testing, and support throughout the implementation of a design.

NAND FlashFlash Memory Cards

NAND Flash controller companies are licensing ECC Tek’s programmable binary BCH ECC. Binary BCH codes are recommended by the major NAND Flash manufacturers.

ECC Tek’s binary BCH designs for Flash are fast becoming the de facto standard in the industry and allow customers to vary the number of bits corrected and the page size, implement a variable or fixed delay, and minimize the gate count or latency. Designs can be developed to correct more than 100 bits.

Advanced ECC Concepts

ECC Tek has invented and patented methods and apparatus for encoding and decoding Reed-Solomon codes in a parallel and pipelined fashion. This technology can be used to create fault-tolerant hard disk drives (Two-Dimensional Reed-Solomon HDDs) and fault-tolerant solid state disks (Two-Dimensional Reed-Solomon SSDs). To read more, go to Advanced ECC.

ECC TEK Provides ECC To NASA Missions

Solar Dynamics Observatory

Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which uses ECC Tek's SSD error correction, lifted off from Cape Canaveral on February 11, 2010 on a five-year mission to study the sun. "You can think of the SDO spacecraft as containing a parallel-transfer, fault-tolerant SSD that uses DRAM chips instead of NAND Flash chips. It uses the same PRS ECC I have proposed for use in solid state disks. All the data collected by SDO is encoded by the PRS encoder, stored in the SSD and decoded by the PRS decoder. Multiple DRAM chips can fail with no loss of data or performance." ....Phil White

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter/NASA

Read more about SDO at http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov.

On June 23, 2009, NASA launched the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) to conduct investigations for future lunar exploration. ECC Tek's patented parallel ECC is being used in the LRO to correct data sent back to earth. Our powerful ECC has proven successful by properly correcting data even in the highly damaging radiation environment of outer space.

Read more about LRO at http://lro.gsfc.nasa.gov.