Press Release: 08-19-1997

ECC Technologies Licenses Designs to Telegrid Technologies

MINNETONKA, MN – August 19, 1997 – ECC Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has licensed Reed-Solomon error correction software to Telegrid Technologies, Inc. in Eatontown, NJ, to encode and decode a (32, 24) RS code which corrects 4 bytes. The software was translated into a DSP language and used in a microwave radio. The software is also used to encode and decode other (N, K) RS codes.

About Telegrid Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures hardware and software products used in integrating secure and non-secure voice/data communications systems. The company's areas of expertise include:

Telegrid is a woman-owned small business established in 1984. The company has recognized expertise in the area of tactical communications systems including Tri-Service Tactical Communications System (TRI-TAC), Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) and Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T).

About ECC Technologies, Inc. – ECC Technologies, Inc. licenses ECC hardware and software designs to correct errors in conventional storage devices such as hard disk drives and wireless communications channels and also ultra high-performance ECC hardware designs needed for on‑the‑fly correction of hardware failures to create fault-tolerant systems.

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