Press Release: 05-19-1998

ECC Technologies Granted PRS Patent

MINNETONKA, MN – May 19, 1998 – ECC Technologies, Inc. announces that today it has been granted US Patent Number 5,754,563 on “Byte-parallel System for Implementing Reed-Solomon Error-Correcting Codes” which will be referred to as the “PRS Patent”. The PRS technology allows parallel communications and storage devices to be built with an arbitrary level of automatic, built-in, on-the-fly backup or fault-tolerance which is an industry first.

The technology described in the PRS Patent can be used to create fault-tolerant, parallel I/O Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Disks (SSDs).

About ECC Technologies, Inc. – ECC Technologies, Inc. licenses ECC hardware and software designs to correct errors in conventional storage devices such as hard disk drives and wireless communications channels and also ultra high-performance ECC hardware designs needed for on‑the‑fly correction of hardware failures to create fault-tolerant systems.

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