Press Release: 12-08-2011

ECC Technologies Announces High Performance Binary BCH for MLC NAND Flash

MINNETONKA, MN – December 08, 2011 – ECC Technologies, Inc. (ECC Tek) announces the immediate availability of ultra-high-performance binary BCH encoders and decoders for correcting large numbers of random errors in MLC NAND Flash memories. ECC Tek has developed numerous programmable binary BCH designs which are programmable to correct up to 72 bits in error in short (512+ Byte) and long (1024+ Byte) pages.

ECC Tek has nearly 8 years experience designing binary BCH encoders and decoders and has incorporated many gate-saving and performance-enhancing improvements in its latest designs. All of ECC Tek's binary BCH decoders can correct the maximum number of errors in continuous incoming pages with
no slowdown of the input.

Binary BCH designs that correct a large number of random errors probably require approximately 1/3 the number of gates and 1/3 the amount of power of an equivalent performance LDPC decoder. In addition, with binary BCH codes, you can be 100% certain that all error patterns with t or fewer errors will
be corrected. LDPC decoders can not make that claim. Also, binary BCH decoders will signal failure if more than t errors occur with a very high probability of success (almost 100%). Again, LDPC decoders can not do that.

ECC Tek can easily customize its binary BCH designs for each licensee. The level of parallelism can be adjusted in each component. Higher levels of parallelism increase performance and gate count. Inputs can be any number of bits wide. Current implementations input and output bytes.

All of ECC Tek's decoders feature a variable latency so that the time to decode only depends on the number of errors that actually occur. Most other decoder designs do not and probably cannot provide this feature. Fixed latency can also easily be implemented.

ECC Tek's binary BCH designs are solid, sound, proven, field-tested and millions are currently in mass production. If you use a digital camera, thumb drive or MP3 player, there's a chance you are already using ECC Tek's designs. In over 20 years of licensing ECC designs, no licensee has had any problems with ECC Tek's designs, and all licensees have been happy with the results. In most cases, ECC Tek's designs have significantly outperformed the licensee's requirements and expectations.

Binary BCH encoders and decoders that correct from 8 to 72 bits in error in short and long pages are immediately available. Existing designs can easily be modified to correct more than 72 bits in error.

About ECC Technologies, Inc. – ECC Technologies, Inc. licenses ECC hardware and software designs to correct errors in conventional storage devices such as hard disk drives and wireless communications channels and also ultra high-performance ECC hardware designs needed for on‑the‑fly correction of hardware failures to create fault-tolerant systems.

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